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January 2008

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January 2nd, 2008

Happy New Year!

Today is the official release date for The Apostate's Tale.

I've heard from several people -- including my sons -- that they were seeing copies cropping up in stores even before Christmas. So it's more than possible that you've already finished the book! (If you have, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.)

Today is also the official release date for the paperback edition of The Traitor's Tale.

So if you've been waiting for that one, now's your chance!

- Margaret

January 11th, 2008


I've been asked more than once how to pronounce "Frevisse", and I posted my thoughts on the matter a few months ago. But today I got asked the same question about "Frideswide". So let's see if I can make a good answer of it.

I understand that at present it is pronounced "Fryswide" -- long "i" both times. But I have to suppose, given the spelling, that at some time that "d" was included. And then there's the final "e" that was pronounced in Chaucer's time but got dropped over the centuries. And then there's the Great Vowel Shift of the 15th century, when the pronunciation of every vowel took one step to the side, as it were, and changed to something else from what it had been. (I'm not making this up!) And of course there's the local dialect to consider, whatever it might have been then, but I'm not even thinking of getting into that.

So how was "Frideswide" pronounced by the mid-1400s? Take a guess! For myself, I tend to say "Frid es wid" with short "i" both times and short "e". But if I'm feeling frisky, I can add the final, now-silent "e" and get "Frid es wid eh".

But, on the whole, I think you should say it however seems comfortable to you!

-  Margaret

January 29th, 2008


I was lately killing time by cruising around Amazon and saw that the The Traitor's Tale and The Apostate's Tale are both available as Kindle e-books.


The Kindle is a hand-held, electronic reader featuring a paper-like display. Apparently, unlike other e-book readers, you can order new titles and have them delivered directly to the reader. I'm somewhat dazzled by the science-fiction of it all, but my son tells me that it's the best e-book reader to date. He also points out that if you order the Kindle through this link, you'll be supporting me and the website in a "huge way".

I don't know about all that. But if you've already got a Kindle, then I thought you might like to know that my books are available for it.

- Margaret

January 31st, 2008


After my last post (regarding the availability of The Traitor's Tale and The Apostate's Tale on Amazon's Kindle), it was pointed out to me that these titles are also available through Sony's e-bookstore.

So, yes, my two latest Frevisse books are also available as e-books: The Traitor's Tale is here, and The Apostate's Tale is here.

- Margaret